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Welcome to the 'Herbie and I' shop and to Herbie the Cat Fund. The mission of the Fund is to help cats and cats owner. Any cat, any owner. From the small cats that are running loose in your neighborhood to the biggest cats that are facing extinction. This is where my heart is and I am sure Herbie will not be disappointed about this. 50% of the profit from any Herbie the Cat shop will go to this Fund.

And here is my story:

I think it is magic that I can intertwine my two love.. where art helps the cats and cats help the artistic fantasy!

One day my friend Sam told me that every time she thought about me, there was always a cat in the picture. And this is when my story started.

It is true. I love every animal on the planet... maybe most of the animals on the planet but cats are particularly fascinating. Because they are elusive, majestic, backbone of the eco-systems. There is something magic in their eyes that digs into your soul and they conquer you forever.

Osso and Desperado were my first two cats, a pair of calico girls.. yes, I loved the Eagles - this is where one of the names came from. By always being with a dog, they were my first encounter with the feline species and they left a mark. We still tell stories about them, how crazy they were in our apartment, how they fell from the balcony on the 4th floor and survived and many more.

And then came Scooter, a tiny tabby rescue. Her name came from her running and cutting corners.. it looked like a scooter zig zagging in the city streets. She was a jumper and a digger. Still remember her digging all my indoor plants and going to bed and suddenly hugging a cactus that she dragged there during the day.

And then Pulce, this beautiful grey-blue enormous cat: we thought he was a girl since there were parts missing... till we took him to the vet and discovered he used to be a male. He stayed with us for a long time. And then Schumi (short from Schumacher) that was extracted from a Ferrari engine parked in the garage in the middle of a freezing blizzard; Tigre, the love of my life, and forever in my heart; 512, a rescue cat at work... his name 512 was the combo of the cabinet were I used to hide the food at work (so I did not forget it); Scarfy (short from Scarface) because of the multitude of scars when we rescued him; Herbie, the craziest cat ever that could give you headache with his headbutt. And now we are left with Camilla Gorilla, nicknamed Fat Lady because she is huge, Skizzo, a little tabby not too little anymore and Fluffy, a beautiful long hair cat that lives with us without being able to touch him. And last Evelina, a huge black female that stayed with us for a while and now lives with Carol a few houses down the block. I am sure I trapped more.... I remember an orange tabby, another black cat, a silvester and many more.... all adopted and hopefully happy in their homes.

And of course my love doesn't stop with my cats. I work constantly to help organizations that are working in the southern part of Africa to save the big cats from extinction.

Life is perfect with a cat, actually purr-fect. This is my story and these are my items inspired daily by these beautiful creatures living around me and making my life special. This collection, Herbie the Cat, is dedicated to Herbie, probably the craziest of all... the cat that was able to deeply touch my heart.

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