Herbie with GusGus

An update from Herbie's world: Friendship is an incredible feeling that goes beyond size, color, race and anything else. Herbie just discovered the beauty of it with his new friend GusGus, a little tiny mouse that loves to play hide and seek and cuddle in Herbie fur. And what is the best way to celebrate this new BFF? With a new bowl and mug design and an amazing song from my BFF band Frenchy and the Punk. Back in 2012, FnP had a song on the Hey Hey Cabaret CD called Le Chat Noir (The Black Cat). Within the story, to the dismay of the storyteller, a cat and mouse become friends. This song is one of their top songs on Spotify! Le Chat Noir is the first known cabaret in the Montmartre district of Paris and that has metaphoric symbolism in the song.

To hear the song Le Chat Noir:

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