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Meet Paola


After ending her carrier as software system engineer at IBM Corporation in Poughkeepsie, NY, Paola devoted most of her time to porcelain painting. She is a certified porcelain artist, one of the original cofounder of RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon, NY and one of the founder of Queen City 15 Gallery in Poughkeepsie, NY. Paola learned to love ceramics as a young girl in Italy, and traveled all over the world to learn different techniques. 

Born in Melzo, Italy, Paola had only just received her bachelor degree when she was hired by IBM Italy. She worked for the prestigious firm in Milano until 1996, when she became an advanced system programmer and was invited to cross the Atlantic. 

At first, Paola's ceramic appeared at the Barnes & Noble in Poughkeepsie, but it would not be long before she began to appear in exhibitions at more prestigious galleries, including the Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, Byrdcliffe Barn Pottery, and James Cox Gallery, all in New York. In 2003, she cofounded RiverWinds Gallery and expanded to other local galleries, like Briggs Mountain Gallery, Case Del Arte, Barrett Art  Center and Howland Cultural Center.  Recently she collaborated with a group of artists to open a new gallery, Queen City 15 in the heart of her own city, Poughkeepsie. Paola has had exhibited pieces in both Europe and America.

Though Paola primarily works with paint and ceramic, she also created pieces using metal surfaces. Her art sometimes takes the form of functional objects like tea pots, plates and vases. Additionally, her sculpture in porcelain is quite whimsical, featuring stretching frogs, cats, and ornately decorated game fowl. Paola is a member of the International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, as well as the Arts Mid-Hudson and the Barrett Art Center.

After concluding her carrier with IBM, beside painting, Paola has been dedicating her time to her love for animals and conservation. She has been working as a Trustee for the Cheetah Conservation Fund, located in Namibia, Africa till recent time. Paola has been visiting the conservation multiple times and she is part of the Cheetah Conservation Fund New York chapter. She has been mainly focusing on education and fund raising. She is still and will always be working on behalf of the environment and wildlife.


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